UC Davis, Each Aggie Matters mental health campaign, 2014
News 10 TV segment about mental health on school campuses with Cristrina Mendonsa

Amanda's passion is at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, organizational development, and storytelling - an art and science she is constantly learning.

She runs her own business working as a consultant and filmmaker with national to local level agencies across the U.S, dedicated to improving education, access, and partnership across education and mental health sytems.

She is a board member on various state to national mental health organizations, including the CA National Alliance on Mental Illness, and speaks publicly around the nation to inspire individual wellness and innovative systems change.

Check out her full resume at LinkedIn, or download a copy here.

What Amanda does:

  • Speaks to Empower:  she has given over 150 speeches around the country sharing her story, and lessons-learned becoming a mental health advocate and leader. Learn more here.
  • Consults to Enhance: she supports local to national level organizations from content developmet and strategic planning, to social marketing and script development.
  • Films to Educate: she films, edits, produces, and directs short films from individual to organizational storytelling of services, programs, and events. Learn more here.
  • Draws to Express: she is a fine-artist specializing in crayon layering and etching. Her drawings are made by commission, or donated for nonprofit fundraising. Learn more here.


Amanda, 24, received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development from the University of Davis, California, in 2014. 

At 21, Amanda was appointed as a board director for the California National Alliance on Mental Illness, and has since been voted by membership to serve a second term. She has also been brought onto national youth leadership boards and advisory groups, particularly Partners for Strong Minds and the National Alliance for Mental Illness

During college, she interned at Green Chimneys School in New York, a world-renowned nature and animal-based therapy institution, and the Center for Child and Family Studies at UC Davis working with infants on their social-emotional development.

Amanda's first job out of college, in 2014, was to co-design the first U.S.- hosted 7th International "Together Against Stigma" Mental Health Conference in San Francisco. Over 700 individuals from over 17 countries attended to discuss innovations and research in global mental health.

In 2015, she started her own business. This allowed her to make greater impact in supporting communities and system change. She provides consultation to agencies, particularly relating to engaging the next generation, mental health programs, strategic planning, and social marketing. She also films, edits, produces, and directs short films from documentary-style to individual and organizational storytelling.







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